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Braille Signs

Crystal Dome's Braille Signs are a blend of innovative design and functional excellence, aimed at enhancing accessibility in a variety of settings. Adhering to ADA guidelines, these signs are both aesthetically pleasing and practically efficient.

Key Features:

  • Precision Engineering: Our signs use advanced UV inkjet printers and engraving machines for exact braille dot placement and raised lettering. The use of LED-curable inks allows for efficient production and a faster creation process, surpassing traditional methods​​​​.
  • Diverse Material Compatibility: Suitable for metal, plastic, glass, wood, and aluminum, our Braille Signs are built for both durability and aesthetic appeal.
  • Flexible Installation: Designed for various environments, they are resilient against diverse conditions, including UV exposure.


  • Enhanced Accessibility: Marking accessible rooms and areas effectively, our signs improve navigation for the visually impaired.
  • Versatile Application: Our Braille Signs fit seamlessly in multiple locations, from restrooms to meeting areas, aided by their adaptability and the ease of customization​​.
  • Eco-Friendly Durability: Produced with sustainable practices, they are engineered to withstand long-term environmental exposure.

Why Choose Crystal Dome's Braille Signs?

  • Cutting-Edge Technology: Embracing advanced printing techniques, our signs feature embossed effect printing, where ink drops are deposited and cured rapidly to create prominent Braille dots​​.
  • ADA Compliance: Meeting and exceeding accessibility standards, our signs are designed to be both visually and tactilely effective.
  • Sustainable Practices: Reflecting our commitment to the environment, we utilize eco-conscious materials and production methods.
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